Step 1
Use the keypad given to enter expressions.

Step 2
Click on "SOLVE" to process the expression you entered.

Here are a few examples on what you can enter.

Here is how you use the buttons

CLEAR    Removes all text in the texfield.
= Processes the calculation entered.
DEL Deletes the last element before the cursor.
a-z Shows the alphabet.
trig Shows the trigonometry functions.
Move the cursor left.
Move the cursor right.
Move the cursor up.
Move the cursor down.
2 Squared.
${□}/{□}$ Fraction.
$√{□}$ Square Root.
log Log base 10.
ln Natural log(base e).
abs Absolute value.
Degrees Processes angles in degrees.
Radians Processes angles in radians.

If you are not using the keypad. Here's how you use the features on the keyboard.

KEY             FUNCTION
^ Exponent.
^2 Squared.
/ Fraction.
* Multiply.
log Log base 10.
ln Log base e.
| Absolute value.

Always close your brackets for trig functions and logs. For example, "sin(x" and "sin x" will not work.You need to use an open and close bracket for trig functions.Similarly, for logs; use "log(x)" and "ln(x)".

For trig exponents, sin-1(n) is not equal to sin(n)-1. sin-1(n) is the inverse of sin(n) and sin(n)-1=$1/{sin(n)}$
So trig exponents must be placed to the right of the closing bracket.